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Communities of Practice (Cop) - 3461 Words

Communities of Practice (COP) Assignment On Table of Content Serial no: | Topic: | Page No: | 1. | Introduction | 3 | 2. | Communities of Practices | 4 | 3. | Communities of practice and knowledge management | 5 | | I. Importance of teamwork for Knowledge Management | 5 | | II. Sharing ideas to the success of KM | 7 | | III. Connection of COP to Knowledge Management | 8 | | IV. How characteristics of COP help to bring success to KM practices | 9 | 4. | Conclusion | 11 | 5. | References | 12 | Introduction Communities of practice are everywhere. We all belong to a number of them–at work, at university, at home, in our hobbies. Some have a name, some dont. We†¦show more content†¦To build an understanding of how communities of practice create organizational value, we suggest thinking of a community as an engine for the development of social capital. We argue that the social capital resident in communities of practice leads to behavioral changes, which in turn positively influence business performance. We identify four specific performance outcomes associated with the communities of practice we studied and link these outcomes to the basic dimensions of social capital. These dimensions include connections among practitioners who may or may not be co-located; relationships that build a sense of trust and mutual obligation, and a common language and context that can be shared by community members. Our conclusions are based on a study of seven organizations where communities of practice are acknowledged to be creating value. Communities of practice and Knowledge management Wasko and Faraj (2000) describe three kinds of knowledge: knowledge as object, knowledge embedded within individuals, and knowledge embedded in a community. Communities of Practice have become associated with finding, sharing, transferring, and archiving knowledge, as well as making explicit expertise, or tacit knowledge. Tacit knowledge is considered to be those valuable context-based experiences that cannot easily be captured, codified and stored (Davenport amp; PrusakShow MoreRelatedThe Communities Of Practice ( Cop ) Essay918 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Communities of Practice (CoP) are formal or informal groups of people who share knowledge that is of interest, useful, or necessary for the purpose of professional or personal growth, developing best practices, learning about cost saving ideas, or problem solving, to name a few (Dalkir, 2005, p. 112). The process of knowledge sharing between people can be varied, such as in person, by videoconferencing, or online (Dalkir, 2005, p. 123). Group management is open and shared by all membersRead MoreManagement Of Knowledge Management And The Environment Of Communities Of Practice ( Cop )863 Words   |  4 Pagesknowledge, namely communities of practice (COP). His key argument is that he comes up with a concept that management of knowledge is a doughnut, evolving logical steps and connecting performance and strategy by knowledge. In addition, the author extremely declares the importance of practitioners in the knowledge management and the environment of communities of practice. The chose n article mainly presents three elements of COP (domain, community, and practice), detailed steps of COP, and three enablingRead MoreFirst and foremost, the news report that I will analyze is about an African-Canadian man, Curtis1600 Words   |  7 Pagesan African-Canadian man, Curtis Young, who was assaulted by the cops for no legitimate reason. His rights were breached, the police written a false report about what happened, and as a result, he was detained in 2012. Fortunately for Curtis Young, a cellblock video captured the scene of the crime and by 2014 the judge concluded the case to be police misconduct which lead to his release from jail. The judge also concluded that the cops had lied and over exaggerated the situation about what happenedRead MoreSocial Bond Theory And Its Impact On The Juvenile Justice System1118 Words   |  5 Pages strong involvements means making sure a juvenile s hands are never idle. The final bond is belief, which is an individual’s belief in, and respect for, the law and the people and institutions which enforce the law. Since individuals within a community share similar values, a weakened belief in the laws which guide those values leads to a higher likelihood of exhibiting delinquent behavior. Also, if people believe that laws are unfair, this bond to society weakens and the likelihood of committingRead MoreNaval Ship Yard Detachment : Organizational Assessment Essay1631 Words   |  7 PagesNNSY C246 uses Community of Practice (CoP) leadership and improvement principles. The Community of Practice leadership team is made up of community members that have the responsibility to ensure the CoP remains viable and productive throughout its lifecycle. It is the Community of Practice leadership team that is responsible to ensure their CoP stays on track producing business results in alignment with Norfolk naval shipyard strategic business goals. Naturally the Community of Practice leadership teamRead MoreStop and Frisk Violates Constitutional Rights Essay1046 Words   |  5 Pageslaw; however, in New York City (NYC) cops are using their authority in a negative way. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 2009 to 2013, implemented a policy called stop and frisk where the New York City Police Department (NYPD) has the right to question and search anybody who looks suspicious. Because of this act in NYC, many men and women, especially of color, have protested against the policy. In addition, the Pierce County Tribune’s article â€Å"Stop and Frisk Practice Ethically, Morally Wrong† by Bryce BerginskiRead MoreCommunity Policing, Crime, Prevention, And Prevention1280 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract Community oriented policing is an innovation to law enforcement that started in the United States around the late 1980’s entering the 1990’s, it focused on the needs of the community and building trust between the community members and peace officers. Community Policing addresses issues such as public safety, crime prevention, along with fear and social disorder (COPS, 2005). By addressing issues in law enforcement, they can implement organizational strategies, utilize partnerships and directRead MorePolice Academy Training Program Must Go Beyond Arrest Procedures1370 Words   |  6 Pagesacademy training programs must go beyond arrest procedures and usual tactics it must include COP skills (Anyatt, 1993). Academy training is infamously imperfect in instruction that emphasizes the discretionary application of a range of skills that relate to real world circumstances (Kelling, Wasserman, Williams, 1988). Much police academy training is undermined in the field. For this reason, a change to community policing philosophy and its subsequent organizational changes must be trained to seniorRead MoreThe Importance Of Police And Citizen Collaboration1074 Words   |  5 Pagesdiscuss the importance of police and citizen collaboration as well as the views of the public on policing within the community and the differences between large and small police departments. Interviewee A and Interviewee B both reside in Homestead, Florida, therefore, providing the aspects of two (2) individuals who are aware of the same community and the crimes that occur within that community. Interviewee A (whom has asked that her identity be protected) is a middle class woman in her early thirties whoRead More21st Century Policing Enforcement Agencies Essay1597 Words   |  7 Pagesdeep divides between communities and their police departments. As the discord reached a fever pitch, law enforcement agencies nationwide began the process of self-evaluation, reflecting on policies and practices and implementing innovative strategies to better engender community policing principles, build trust, and allay fear. Beginning in August of 2014, Chief Samuel Dotson of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (SLMPD) requested participation in the Office of Community Outreach Policing

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